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Purrsecco 100ml

Purrsecco 100ml

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Purr-fectly Crafted for Feline Delight

 Taste Profile: A burst of fresh, oceanic flavours. It's velvety undertones will transport your cat to a world of underwater adventures. The infusion of premium catnip adds a playful twist, inviting moments of delightful frolic and contentment.

Cheers to unforgetable moments and purring contentment!

 *Suggested Pairings**

- Purrsecco pairs purr-fectly with a sunbeam nap, a comfy couch, or a cherished lap.
- Serve either chilled or slightly warmed for aromic enjoyment.
- Enhance the experience with a scattering of feather toys and plush cushions.


  • Ingredients: Fish bones sourced from the freshest, sustainably caught fish to ensure the highest quality of flavor. Infused with organtic catnip and added beetroot for color.

    Monitor your cat's enjoyment and serve responsibly. Refrigerate and use within 3 days.


    Purrsecco is intended for feline consumption only. Keep out of reach of children and other pets. Do not serve to pregnant or nursing cats. Please enjoy responsibly.

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