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Peperomia Argyreia Melon Peru 170mm

Peperomia Argyreia Melon Peru 170mm

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This beautiful Peperomia, is one of the slower growing peps. It prefers bright indirect light and to dry out a tad between waterings. Low light will cause plant to stretch.

Short flower spikes appear throughout the warmer months and should be removed when dead. 

Temperature: Avoid heaters and draughty positions. Temperatures above 20 deg C will speed up growth, between 15-20 deg C growth will be extremely slow and plants can be pruned to keep compact. Long periods below 12 deg C may cause plant to rot. 

Fertiliser: Fertiliser with a balanced liquid feed or pellets to increase growth.

Dead leaves must be removed to prevent damage to healthy growth. Keep on the dry side in winter.

 *Please note, there may be some slight variation from the plant pictured as they are living things. All plants will be in the same health/ condition and rough size as the one pictured but may differ slightly.

Here at Monrose Indoor Plants our plants are all Non-Toxic and Pet Friendly.

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