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Peperomia obtusifolia Variegata

Peperomia obtusifolia Variegata

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13cm pot 

Peperomia obtusifolia Variegata
Peperomia are very popular for indoor plantings and are well suited for indoor gardens and terrariums. Peperomia are able to survive under low light making it idea for indoor and terrarium use. They do prefer a bright indirect light. They are fast growing so will require regular cutting back and can be to kept small and compact for long periods; they will also do very well in small pots.

Water: Water well if kept in pots but sparingly in terrariums; potting mix should be allowed to almost dry between waterings. 

Light: Keep in a bright well-lit area or provide artificial lighting. 

Temperature: Avoid heaters and draughty positions. Temperatures above 20 deg C will speed up growth, between 15-20 deg C growth will be extremely slow and plants can be pruned to keep compact. Long periods below 12 deg C may cause plant to rot. 

Fertiliser: Fertiliser should only be used if you would like the plant to grow; lack of fertiliser will keep plants shorter and more compact. 

Dead leaves must be removed to prevent damage to healthy growth. Keep on the dry side in winter.

 *Please note, there may be some slight variation from the plant pictured as they are living things. All plants will be in the same health/ condition and rough size as the one pictured but may differ slightly.

Here at Monrose Indoor Plants our plants are all Non-Toxic and Pet Friendly.

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