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Outside Variegated Hoya Carnosa ‘Indian Rope’ 10cm

Outside Variegated Hoya Carnosa ‘Indian Rope’ 10cm

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Outside Variegated Hoya Carnosa ‘Indian Rope’

Stunning Variegated form of the Rope Hoya with yellow or white patterns outside the leaf. Variegated forms are slower to grow and flower less frequently than the green. 

Flowers: 1.2cm across in large bunches that will produce multiple sets of scented flowers from each stem each year.
Position: Full sun to heavy shade, flowers better under higher sun levels. Indoor it will grow well but not flower well. 
Temperature: Cool to moderate range, may need to be protected in sever frost areas. 
Water: Keep dryer in winter and moist in warmer months. If leaves wrinkle it is a sign of not enough water or bad root systems. 
Fertiliser: weak dose regularly I’m warmer months. 
Repotting: only when plant is well advanced in the pot it mid spring to summer 

*Please note, there may be some slight variation from the plant pictured as they are living things. All plants will be in the same health/ condition and rough size as the one pictured but may differ slightly.

Pet friendly of course

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