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Hoya halophila 8cm

Hoya halophila 8cm

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This fast growing species produces long runners with small 7cm oval leaves 5 to 10cm apart.

Flowers - Clusters of 12 to 20 5mm flowers appear in summer.

Position - Full sun to semi-shaded positions, flowers better under higher sun levels.

Temperature - Warm to tropical range, must be undercover in colder areas and will need to be wintered indoors.

Water - Keep dryer in winter and moist in warmer months.

Fertilizer - Weak dose regularly in warmer months.

Repotting - Only when plant is well advanced in pot or mid Spring.

*Please note, there may be some slight variation from the plant pictured as they are living things. All plants will be in the same health/ condition and rough size as the one pictured but may differ slightly.

Pet friendly of course

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