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Dog Calming Spray

Dog Calming Spray

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Gourmet Pawprints have created in conjunction with Yarra Mist, a unique blend of natural calming ingredients especially for dogs. Significant research has been done on how odours affect behaviors and autonomic functions. Dogs have over 220million olfactory receptors and predominately experience the world through their nose.

Directions: For first week, just spray at night on their bed. This creates an association with a safe and relaxing space. Then from second week, spray on their collar/harness/toy first thing in the morning and continue to spray at night on their bed. Remember nothing is replaces a holistic approach taking behaviour and nutrition into account. More about our Dog Wellness Centre Programs HERE

Scientifically proven!

Lavender: Research shows linalool, a fragrant compound when inhaled promotes relaxation.  Read more HERE

Cedarwood: Cedrol extracted from Cedarwood can lower breathing rate and reduce anxiety. Read more HERE

Geranium: The active ingredient is Geraniol and has been professional diluted to create an appropriate strength which provides a natural flea and tick repellent properties. Read more HERE

Bergamot:  A citrus oil can help to relieve anxiety. Read more HERE

Frankincense:  The oleogum resins of Boswellia species are known as frankincense. It is well known as an anti-inflammatory. Read more HERE

Marjoram: Can lower sympathetic nervous system activity and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, resulting in vasodilatation to reduce cardiac strain and decrease. Read more HERE

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